Seaweed not only contains all of the 56 minerals and trace minerals required for your body’s physiological functions but in colloidal forms. This colloidal form is very important meaning that these minerals have retained their molecular identity while remaining in liquid suspension. Colloids are very small in size and are easily absorbed by the body’s cells. They are instrumental in all kinds of life-sustaining activities in your body.

Daily use of a small amount of seaweed will help in the fight against lifestyle related diseases.

Dr. Krebs has pointed out that in the entire history of medical science, there hasn't ever been a chronic metabolic disease that was ever cured and prevented by drugs or mechanical manipulation of the body- but rather in every case the ultimate solution was found only in factors relating to adequate nutrition, and he thinks that this is an important clue as to where to concentrate study in the search for understanding of cancer. A "chronic" disease is one that does not pass away on it's own accord, and a "metabolic" disease is one which arises within the body and is not transmittable to others. Cancer is defined as a "chronic metabolic" disease.


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85 gram / 3oz

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450 gram / 1LB

€ Euro

Kelp/Kombu € 2   € 8
Green Rockweed € 4   € 16
Rockweed € 1.75   € 6
Dulse/Dillisk € 3.50   € 14
Nori € 6   € 24
Ulva/Sea Lettuce € 4   € 16
Irish Moss € 3   € 13
Sea Spaghetti € 3   € 10
Seaweed Mixture € 3.50   € 11
Seaweed Capsules € 3.50 for 100   € 3.50 for 100
Wakame request   request
Pet Food Supplement € 1   € 4
Kelp Wraps (sushi) € 1 ten pieces   € 1 ten pieces
Herbal Set € 10   € 10
Seaweed Bath € 1,50   € 5




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