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Why ?

 Your lifestyle and dietary choices can make an enormous difference to your lifespan and to your quality of life in later years.


Kelp,the seaweed of the year.


We all do need a little bit of Kelp for;

Living Well,a better life and better Body.


 Kombu, Konbu, Sea Kelp, Oarweed, Tangleweed, Sea Girdle, Sea Tangle, Coirleach.


Water quality is vitally important. All our sea vegetables are harvested from the Atlantic in Coulagh Bay which is free from pollution and has no industry based around it.

All the seaweed we use for our food products is freshly cut then dried and milled or fermented.

The sea vegetables we produce are Kelp or Laminaria, Palmatina or Dulse, Wild Nori, Irish moss, Ulva or Sea Lettuce and Rockweed.

You can eat kelp as a vegetable, use it milled and sprinkle it on food, add it to cereals or mix it with flour. Seaweed can also be used for decoration or as a replacement for salt. Kelp, Dulse and lettuce are excellent as salt replacements and provide a very simple method to enrich your meals.

When we harvest the kelp it contains a lot of water. After drying the net weight is reduced to approximately 15%. One kilo of dried kelp is equal 15 kilos fresh, so if you use it dry, do not use it in large quantities.

Recommend use is 2 gram (1DR) day for a person with an average weight. It is equal the average consumption in Japan. Kelp is very rich in iodine and therefore nor recommended for use during pregnancy, and nursing.

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We sell dried kelp, whole, wraps, sliced, flakes, and powder.

Seaweed bath/spa

Pet food supplements.


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