The first well known seaweed milkshakes were made from dried natural seaweed, blended with both condensed and evaporated milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and some ice, this drink is surprisingly refreshing and tasty. What's more this energy-restoring seaweed shake is claimed to be a proven aphrodisiac, but also of curing almost everything from anaemia to tuberculosis, "good for the back", boosting virility, vitality, and verve?

Seaweed shakes & milkshakes.

 Why Seaweed?


Some milkshake recipes call for ice cream in the flavour of the milkshake, while others call for vanilla ice cream plus a flavour additive, such as a syrup or fruit. These different methodologies often result in a surprisingly large difference in taste, and many people have a distinct preference for one method over the other. A beverage made of milk, flavouring, and ice cream, shaken or whipped until foamy.


The combination of seaweed (unique mixture of vitamins, minerals/trace elements, anti-oxidants and Phyto-nutrients) with milk very powerful.

Health +Energy 

                                    The use of Carrageen in Milk shakes:

Extracts from Irish Moss.


The principal food uses of carrageenan's are: ice cream, chocolate milk, milk dessert gels, milk-based

foods, protein-based foods, water-based desserts, and water-based liquids (fruit

juices). Their particular reactivity with milk proteins such as

casein  and find therefore use in a wide range of dairy products. The ability to interact with and stabilise milk proteins is used in instant milk puddings to produce gelling when added to cold milk and for stabilising cocoa in chocolate milk. Carrageen act as secondary stabilizers in ice-cream adding creaminess and preventing  and crystal formation under freeze-thaw conditions.


Carrageen can be found in Instant milk puddings, Chocolate milk, Dessert gels,  Low-calorie jellies, Syrups, Imitation coffee creams, Puddings, Artificial whipped toppings, Ready-made soups, Sauces, Dressings, ketchup, Mayonnaise ,Margarine, Fruit juices, Liquors, Frozen food, Desserts and dessert gels, Dry mixes, Pastry fillings, Bakery icing, Jams, Puddings, Baking whipped cream ,Pie fillings,

Mashed potatoes.  

Carrageen is employed in human food to optimise organoleptic factors

Body, texture, flavour enhancement, mouth feel, chewy ness, flavour

and taste,  and their application is a very broad one.

Many food products are not homogeneous. Water-soluble phycocolloids act as stabilisers in complex systems, such as fruit juices with fruit cells, to keep particles or small droplets evenly distributed in the water phase, mainly by increasing the viscosity of the water phase. This will prevent both precipitation and separation. Furthermore, the addition of charged polymers such as alginate may produce charged films at the interface, so that individual particles or droplets will repel each other. They are non-toxic to humans, have unique rheological properties and cost less than other industrial gums.

Instead of using the extract (refined) carrageen, people did start using the natural product either milled or as a whole. 


Natural Irish Moss :

Nutritional analysis


11-18 %


1-3 %


55-66 %

Vitamin C

10-30 ppm

Vitamin B12

0.6-4 ppm




200-300 ppm


170-210 ppm


6720-8351 ppm


2-28 ppm


2-2.6 %


3.4 %

                                                     Publication of the ;" Irish Seaweed Center"


By replacing the extract of carrageen, with the natural products and other seaweeds you can do much more for your customers.


                        (Weight loss, fitness, energy, stamina, vitality, verve.)